About Us

Dianne Borsini-Burr and Mark Louis Eaker are the principals behind a tremendous Artistic and Sculptural group of companies that represent some of the world’s leading artists and sculptors.

Mark L. Eaker is an Art Industry veteran with more than 35 years in both the fine art publishing and the retail gallery arena.   Mark has been Vice President, President and CEO of a number of both public and privately owned fine art companies including Dyansen Galleries, Somerset House Publishing, Gregory Editions Fine Art, Washington Green USA and Frogman, Inc.  He currently serves as Vice President of our parent company and President of three of our subsidiaries.   He has worked with hundreds of world famous artists including artists Michael Parkes, Michelangelo, Erte, Pissarro, Ting Shao Kuang, Howard Behrens, Robert Bissell, Kinuko Y. Craft, Lorraine Vail, JD Challenger, Nano Lopez, Salvador Dali, G. Harvey, and Peter Max among others.
Mark has helped fine art dealers around the world in putting together impressive selections of important works, be it Contemporary or Traditional, limited editions, originals or sculpture.  He has experience in publishing original graphics, limited edition giclees, as well as lost wax bronze sculptures.   His many years of working directly with artists and gallery owners gives him a unique ability to understand the need for a close working relationships.  Mark has proven to be a valuable resource to help galleries in selecting and building successful programs. 
Dianne Borsini-Burr exclusively represents a number of world famous artists. She has an extensive entrepreneurial background that spans over 30 years as an expert in all aspects of marketing and sales as well as a founder and CEO of various businesses. She serves as adviser and Board Member of various other companies and for the past 15 years she has grown our companies in the art industry utilizing her expertise on a national and international level. Dianne’s background has been able to provide invaluable support to all aspects of our companies.  Dianne serves as the President of Borsini-Burr, Inc. our parent company and serves as the Chairman of the Board of all our various subsidiaries including,  Swan King International, Dreamworld Art, Michelangelo Sculpture International, Borsini-Burr Gallery and Gregory Editions Fine Art.

Our company has developed relationships and have brought in the Industries leading companies to help us to produce an outstanding product. We utilize some of the finest printers in the world and also utilize several of the country’s leading foundries.

The companies we work with include Scansite and their groundbreaking Technology as well as the finest casting facilities in the United States, Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, California. Artworks is our premier casting facility and has been in business for 37 Years in the same location. Scansite is a company that has experience working with the most Important Museums in the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Stanford University, where Artworks has worked with many of the most famous artists living or deceased as well as Museums around the world.

We are proud to be part of the Borsini-Burr, Inc. group of companies.

Michelangelo Sculpture Program

Michelangelo Sculpture International is offering a unique opportunity to own a piece of art history in the form of reduced size, limited edition bronze castings of some of Michelangelo’s most famous images authorized by the Casa Buonarroti Foundation.

These reduced sized Limited Editions were derived from Bronze Castings from Original Molds made by permission granted by the Vatican and various museums and basilicas throughout Italy. Each original mold is an impression cast taken directly from the original Michelangelo Buonarroti artwork. An extensive and attentive verification as to the quality of the original bronze sculptures made from the original molds has been done. They meet the highest quality standards by experts and specialized art critics in Florence, Italy and the United States and are verified and authorized by the Casa Buonarroti Foundation.

All persons should be aware that current Italian law now prohibits taking casts from any and all antique sculptures in Italy. Casa Buonarroti has certified that they are aware of the fact that bronze reproductions of Michelangelo’s works are present on the international market, which have NOT been attributed to him or authenticated by Casa Buonarroti as his work.

Michelangelo Sculpture International has been granted the exclusive worldwide rights to market reduced sized limited edition bronzes of 28 Michelangelo works in various sizes as well as busts of certain works. Available exclusively from a select group of Authorized Fine Art Galleries.

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